I am Kim Brackett. My husband and I own and operate a cattle ranch in the western United States. Most of my time is spent chasing after our four children or, on occasion, being chased by them.

The romance of the West is alluring but it is difficult at times to see past the romance to the real families living and working in this industry. My hope for this blog is to pull back the curtain and allow you a glimpse of life on a working cattle ranch. On this blog, I will show you the day to day activities on our ranch. Also, I will share family-friendly recipes with you. In addition to ranching, one of the biggest priorities in my family’s life is reading. I will share book recommendations for different age groups and I’ll let you know when I come across interesting books for adults, too. Finally I will respond to news articles that focus on the cattle industry, by providing you with a cattleman’s perspective. I welcome your comments and questions.

The opinions expressed here are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of other farmers and ranchers. Hosting and technology support for this blog is made possible through funding from The Beef Checkoff. This blog, and others like it, provide a voice for farmers and ranchers who are dedicated to providing safe, wholesome and nutritious beef.

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