Today the crew is out of school. We quickly put them to work and spent the day processing calves. When we process our calves we vaccinate for respiratory diseases, clostridial diseases and pink eye. Next, we give a shot of MultiMin to insure the calves are getting the required minerals and nutrients that they need, but may not be getting for various reasons. For example, there is a selenium deficiency where we live and this MultiMin shot gives them the selenium that they require. We also give each calf a dewormer to keep bugs and grubs off of them.

The kids enjoy working with the calves because they are able to be a little more hands on–parental supervision is still required, however. Yes, there is a possibility they could get injured, but it’s much less dangerous than working with mama cows that weigh over 1200 pounds.

It took all day to get it done and we were definitely chasing daylight with the last pen of calves. By the time we were finished, the kids were tired and we were all ready for a large bowl of chili. In many ways it was just another ordinary day on the ranch for us, yet it had a magical quality that can only be found on a perfect fall day spent working together as a family.