Our first (and hopefully only) fire of the year. This one was on our summer country in the timber of Northern California.


We lost a great deal of grazing country that is going to force us to ship cattle out of here much sooner than we had planned. The past few days have been spent gathering cattle and bringing them down to meadows we had been saving for fall feed.

There were three fires in this area and one of them burned several homes. We have been counting our blessings–we still have a house and barn, as well as our cattle.


When this fire started I was in Denver at the cattle industry’s Summer Conference. I was in a meeting when my husband texted me, telling me that the fire was close to the house and he was grabbing what he could before loading the kids and dogs to evacuate. Talk about a helpless feeling! My family needed me and I was in a meeting 1200 miles away. Absolutely nothing I could do–except remind my husband to grab our daughter’s favorite teddy bear. And pray.


I was surrounded by cattlemen and women who understood the importance of our meetings and also the frustration of being away from the ranch at such a critical time. I was reminded, once again, that our industry consists of amazing people and I am so humbled to be a part of it.