Moving cows was the order of the day yesterday. These old cows needed to be trailed to a new field. It would only take a couple of hours, so it was the perfect ride for my youngest kiddos.

We saddled horses, grabbed our cowboy gear and started out.

What? You didn’t know that cowboy gear included a Batman shirt and cape? Let’s just say the villains kept their distance from us today.

It was a great ride. We took the cows to the new field and trailed them to the water troughs. They need to know where to find water, so we always introduce them to the nearest troughs when we take cattle to different fields.

My cowboy-girl is always happy to ride her favorite horse and Batman kept us safe throughout the ride. All in all it was a great day.

(Except for the fact that mom forgot to bring a snack for Batman and Batman began exhibiting signs of a grumpy-starving child and the ride home tested mom’s patience. Two hamburgers and one hug later, Batman finally redeemed himself in the eyes of his mother. Thank goodness for happy endings!)