During the school week, I am the typical taxi driver for my kids. School, sports, 4-H, and doctor appointments. Not to mention grocery stores, part stores, vet supply stores and, of course, gas stations!

On the weekend, I am part of a caravan. The vehicles and destination may change depending on our assignment, but on a typical weekend, our train looks like this:

Trailer full of horses.

Trailer full of yearlings.

Bringing up the rear is yours truly, with a truckload of kids.


This particular weekend found us collecting a few yearlings that had successfully escaped capture last spring. When we gathered and shipped yearlings off of lease country where they had spent the winter, a handful were not to be found. Over time they were eventually discovered and brought into the ranch’s headquarters. We have made a couple of trips with stock trailers to retrieve them. This was our last trip and we are happy to have the yearlings back home.


It was interesting country and a fun trip, but now it is time to clean out my pick-up and get it ready for the busy Kid Taxi week to come!