IMGP0590Brought the heifers into the corral for a date with the vet. He did a quick ultrasound to determine if they were bred or not.


It was a long day, but my daughter earned the title of #1 Helper! It was a great animal-handling-teaching-moment with her. She and I talked about how important it is to keep the heifers calm while they walk down the alley and into the chute. She learned how to move the heifers in different directions depending on where she stood. It was fun to watch her practice and understand the process a little bit. (Lest you forget that I am Overprotective Mom, rest assured that she was on the outside of the alleyway!)

Animal handling techniques aside, it was a big learning day for my girl. One of our cowboys, John, took it upon himself to teach her the finer points of sword fighting.


She asked me this morning when we were going to work cattle in the chute again. I told her we are planning on working more heifers tomorrow. She grinned and said, “Good! I’ve been practicing my sword fighting!”

That’s my girl!