I love weekends, mostly because my kids are home from school and we can do activities together as a family. I realize these days are short-lived; my older boys are nearing their teenage years and will soon realize there are more exciting weekend options than hanging with mom and dad. But until that day arrives, we will continue to put them to work on the weekends enjoy our weekend time together.

Last weekend we gathered a large field of cows and calves, then sorted the pairs into two different groups.

Sorting is a slow and steady process. We take the pairs to a corner in the field, then station all the riders around the perimeter of the herd. One or two cowboys quietly ride through the herd looking for the cows they want to sort into a different group. Once they have identified a cow to sort out, they watch her to determine which calf is hers. Then calmly and slowly, they work that pair out of the large herd. Once that pair crosses the perimeter, the nearest cowboys continues driving that pair to the smaller herd we are creating with the pairs we have sorted.

It can be a real test of animal handling skills. Remaining quiet, keeping your horse calm and not rushing through the job are the keys to easy sorting. The kids all did a great job; I was so proud of them. They held the herd, keeping the cows in the corner of the field and my oldest even sorted out a few cows on his own.

My youngest kept himself (and his mother) entertained. He trotted around and around with one hand thrown into the air. When he approached me, I asked him what he was doing. His response: “I’m a World Famous Buckin’ Horse Rider!”

Of course. I should have known.

Eventually, even bucking horse riders get tuckered out.