A few weeks ago I spent a couple of days out of town attending meetings. As I was boarding the flight to return home, I received the following text from my husband: “I bought some first calf heifers today.”

Juggling my carry-on, boarding pass, book, and cell phone I made my way onto the plane and sent a quick text back asking him to tell me about these heifers. I got one final text

from him before the flight attendants insisted on powering down my cell phone. That text haunted me for the duration of the flight. It read: “They are first-calf heifers and they start calving in two weeks.”

We had never ventured into the fall calving territory before and I am not afraid to tell you that I was a little apprehensive about what lay before us in the coming weeks. Definitely a game changer for our ranch.

Amazingly, calving is going beautifully. No major problems. The heifers were all AI’ed and have been calving quickly and easily. I’m quite sure I have never enjoyed a calving season as much as I have the past ten days.

Something else I am enjoying right now? My daughter.

There are days when she and I are overwhelmed by the boys in this house! At those times, she typically starts begging for a little sister. I promise to buy her a puppy instead.



Boys are loud and smelly and dirty and make weird faces…




…and they make me laugh, reminding me that loud, smelly, dirty little boys are my favorite kind.