We are in the midst of weaning our own calves and receiving loads of calves that we have purchased. The calves require a little more TLC at this time of year. In order to ease their transition and insure that their nutrient requirement are met, we provide them with the best feed we have available. We also give them a high-protein, high-energy supplement.

Checking water and hauling out supplement falls under the heading of: Mom & Kids’ Chores. The kids love having their own responsibilities and I don’t have to tell them twice that it’s time to check the calves. (Odd that when I mention it’s time to do the dishes I have to repeat myself over and over and over…)

This is the first year we have used this supplement and we were curious how the calves would like it. This loose supplement is softer than the protein tubs we feed the cows. This makes it easier for the calves to eat and it doesn’t take them long to polish off each box.

Here’s something you may not know: hauling supplement out to calves is a job with a unique dress code. Today when the kids and I were loading the supplement boxes, I noticed my daughter hadn’t joined us. When she finally emerged from the house in this chore-appropriate outfit I couldn’t help but smile.

Purple ruffled skirt and cowboy boots. That’s my little cowboy-girl.