One of the constant chores we do on the ranch is weed control. Trying to stay ahead of the noxious weeds that want to take over parts of the ranch can be a frustrating project at times. Yesterday we decided to tackle the scotch thistles near the corral and the meadows by the house.

Depending on the number of weeds in an area we decide if it will be more effective to spray the thistle patch or to dig up the offensive weeds. Large patches with numeroous thistles are typically sprayed with an off the shelf herbicide.  Single thistles are dug out and hauled away.

Once the large patches of thistles have died and been removed, we will scatter grass seed over these areas. All part of the balance to encourage the grass to grow and eradicate the noxious weeds.

I love afternoons like this. We are all outside working on different chores. Feeding a few animals, checking water, repairing a bit of fence, spraying a few weeds…that’s what was on our list anyhow. In reality the older boys spent most of the afternoon swinging their ropes at a roping dummy (or each other. or a fence post. or a sagebrush. or their father as he walks by.).

My daughter? Well, do yoou remember last week’s post about giving my daughter the cammera for a few minutes? She has apparently taken that job quite seriously. She spent most of the afternoon following her Dad around and documenting his every move.

And this little boy? Other than showing off his dexterity with the number three, he was very busy playing with sticks, splashing in water, chasing cats, climbing fences, digging in the dirt and filling his pockets with rocks (which I didn’t discover until I washed a load of jeans last night.).

It was a perfect summer afternoon.