I have had it brought to my attention several times lately that for all of the photos I take of my family and our ranch there are very few photos of me. While I do not think this is necessarily a problem, I do wonder if my children will someday look back over our family photos and be unable to recall what their mother looked like.

So, while my husband and I were unloading a ton of mineral from his pick-up, one fifty pound sack at a time, I gave my daughter my phone and asked her to grab a few quick photos.

Her first photo and her finger is in the corner of the frame. And her chosen subject? Her father, of course. She is becoming more of a Daddy’s Girl each day.

I forget how very tall he must seem to a six year old.

And finally, a photo of her mother.

Her headless mother.

Yep, this one should help the kids remember what I looked like long after I’m gone.





As my three year old likes to say, “TA DA!”.

The last photo and she nailed it. Both parents. Both with their heads. Perfect!

My husband and I did manage to get the mineral unloaded and stacked in the barn. Different areas bring different mineral challenges. In Idaho there is a magnesium deficiency, in Nevada we face a molybdenum deficiency and in northern California there is a selenium deficiency. We purchase different mineral supplement in each area to insure that our cattle get enough of each of these minerals in their diet.

There has been one slight problem from today’s impromptu photo shoot. My daughter has taken it upon herself to make sure her mother is never left out of the family photo album again. She enlisted the help of her little brother and the two of them have followed me around all day snapping pictures!

I feel like I am being hounded by the Age Six & Under paparazzi.