Irrigating is a large part of our workload during the late spring and summer months. We use different types of irrigation on our ranch: pivots, wheel lines, hand lines and in some instances flood irrigation.

The place where we are running some of our cattle this summer uses flood irrigation for these mountain meadows. Any ranch chore that involves water, automatically seems to include the kids.

They like to help their Dad with the official irrigating job, bringing him the boards so he can place them in this concrete dam.

But that’s not the real reason they clamor to go irrigating with Dad.

After certain dams are pulled and others are set, then it’s time to do a little exploring. Exploring with Dad is the reason the kids all love to help with irrigating chores.

Typically, irrigating involves splashing through the water, lots of shrieking, a little mud and four dripping wet kids.

Today the kids (and their Dad) were fascinated by all of the


and frogs…

and snakes in the water.

Now it’s time to get back to work. The lawn needs mowed, floors need scrubbed and the stock trailer needs cleaned out.

For some reason,Ā  I do not hear any of the kids clamoring to help with these chores.