I have been on a mission lately to point out to my children that they are spoiled. Not spoiled in the bratty behavior sense (although we definitely have those days!), but spoiled in that we have everything we need and we are able to do fun things. Drive around branding for two straight weeks, for example.

Sometimes though I forget to remind myself how fortunate I am. My greatest gift is of course my family, but lately I have spent a few days at meetings that have reminded me how thankful I am to be involved in the beef industry. After my trip to the Livestock Marketing Association convention, I went back to California just a few days later for another great event. This time I landed in Los Angeles for the Food Dialogues. Very spoiled indeed.

This event was created by the US Farmers & Ranchers Alliance. Their mission is to bring together agriculture producers and consumers to have a dialogue about where food comes from.

This particular event focused on a couple of specific areas: First, how the entertainment industry influences our perceptions of farming and ranching. Second, how science and technology are used to grow our food.

The panel discussions were fascinating and involved producers as well as entertainment professionals, research scientists, and politicians. The panel discussion in this picture took place at Wattles Farms in downtown Los Angeles. It is a beautiful, productive farm that makes you forget you are only seconds from Hollywood Boulevard. I learned many interesting facts and enjoyed the anecdotes shared by the panelists. I encourage you to check out the Food Dialogues website and watch a few minutes of each of these panels, I promise it will be well worth your time.