In a continuation of our branding excursion, we continued west to check on our pairs in California. These cows and calves are summering in northern California, up in the high timber. This country looks so much different than southern Idaho, we can’t believe the differences.
Green grass!
The cows and calves are fat and happy, which is a very good thing to see after all of those hours on the road. We met some incredibly nice people, enjoyed the cool temperatures, and saw a road-kill bear. (Another sight one seldom sees in southern Idaho.)
We are driving back to Idaho today (can you hear my kids cheering?). But before we loaded up to start our drive home we had one more thing to take care of.
This little boy celebrated his ninth birthday.
And lost a tooth.
And blew out nine candles.
And allowed me to take one, and only one, photo on his big day.