This morning we gathered a large field of cow-calf pairs and brought them to a small holding pen where we could sort them into different groups. We sorted out the cows that didn’t have calves this year (dry cows). The older cows were sorted into a different group; they have high nutrition requirements and by keeping them together it is easier for us to make sure they get the nutrients that they need.

Have a look at this photo, please.

Do you happen to notice anything interesting in it?

Figured it out yet?

Yes! This is my three year old riding by himself. Hallelujah!

This may be one of the most liberating days of my life. I am going to mark it on my calendar as the Last Day of my Maternity Leave. My oldest son is nearly eleven, so by my calculations it has been almost twelve years since I have rode a horse without a small child sitting in front of me. Twelve years is a very long time.


Now, don’t think that in my haste to have the saddle to myself that I just throw him on his horse and ride away. No, not at all. I lead his horse along behind mine, which means we should have large yellow Slow Moving signs taped on our backs, but that’s okay because we are on separate horses and in our own saddles!