Can someone please explain to me why my kids balk at the request to unload the dishwasher, but when faced with unloading a ton of grain from their Dad’s pick-up they dive right in? Each and every one of them!

My two older boys are both signed up for 4-H this year, which means we have a total of five 4-H steers to feed and water each day. That translates to a lot of grain over the coming months. I wonder how excited the kids will be to unload grain in July and August? I have a feeling that will quickly become a Mom or Dad chore.

Check out my daughter’s hat. Fancy, no? It’s one of my husband’s old, retired work hats and the kids dearly love it. I have seen them argue to the point of tears over who gets to wear that dirty, smelly hat. (For the record, Mom’s old smelly hats do not garner as much attention.)

There must be something magical about Dads. They have the best hats, they know how to con four kids into unloading their pick-up, and going to work with Dad is the ultimate reward. If only I could convince him to use his magical powers on a few other chores: cooking, dishes, cleaning pens…

On second thought, I’m not sure there is enough magic in that hat to convince the kids, let alone my husband, to tackle the avalanche of laundry spilling out the kids’ rooms. Only Mom is tough enough (and brave enough) to get that job done!