So, there I was, folding laundry and deciding what to cook for dinner when my daughter popped her head around the corner asking permission to go outside. She informed me she planned to take her little brother on a field trip.

Thinking it best that field trips have parental supervision, I asked her if I could tag along.

Soon, the three of us were traipsing through the mud and negotiating a cattle guard. I had no idea what she had in mind, but I let her lead the way.

And lead she did! She broke trail for us and called a halt to our procession, as necessary, to discuss strategy with her younger brother. She also let me know when I was getting too far astray, asking me to please get back in line and try to follow her footprints.

Yes, ma’am.

After several moments spent hiking through the field, I finally spied what I thought might be the eventual destination of our little outing.

The horses. More specifically, this horse. Her horse. Mack.

Both of my older boys rode Mack. He is the best kid-friendly horse we have. Nothing phases him. Nothing. The boys learned to rope while riding Mack. Consequently, there were many times they managed to have a rope dragging under Mack’s belly, caught under the back of the saddle, draped between his ears, or looped around his leg. Each time Mack just stopped and waited patiently for someone to untangle him from the rope.

Now, it’s my daughter’s turn to learn to rope. She can hardly wait for warm weather to arrive so she and Mack can get to work.

I might be wrong, but I think Mack and this little cowboy-girl will get along just fine.