My three older children spend their days at school: studying spelling words, playing with their friends, wrestling with fractions or learning how to hula hoop (gotta love P.E.).

My youngest child spends his days: reading stories, playing with his toy tractors, wrestling with our dog Lucy and learning how to build cowboy-snowmen.

We had so much fun building this snowman! He tried several different cowboy hats until he found the perfect one for his snowman. He even named our creation: Zane the Snowman.

My youngest spends most days playing with Mom and wondering when the kids will get home from school. He was so excited to show his older brothers and sister his new friend Zane the Snowman. When they finally arrived home he quickly pulled them into the backyard and within minutes they were all busy making their own snowmen.

As much fun as we all had that day, I find myself hoping that spring weather is just around the corner. We are still calving heifers and those little calves do much better if they don’t arrive in the middle of a snowdrift!

Although, if we do happen to get another snowstorm, I think it’s a safe bet that I’ll be in the backyard helping my three year old build another cowboy snowman.