Chauffeur. That is my most recent job title. I have been shuttling kids back and forth nearly every day this month. Guitar lessons, karate lessons, hair cuts, and my near weekly trip to pick up my son’s glasses from being repaired. Ten year old boys + eye glasses + recess = many broken frames!

As I uploaded the photos from my memory card last night, I had to laugh as the photos came across the computer screen. I have taken several landscape shots this month and somehow had forgotten that until I saw the photos again. I don’t know how I could have forgotten, once I glanced at the photos the memories came right back.

“Mom, why are we parked in the middle of the road?”

“Are we ever going to get to school today?”

“Mom, is something wrong? Why did you pull over?”

Soon, they started taking advantage of these brief delays. As I was taking this picture of the canyon, I could hear the kids talking behind me, but I didn’t really register what they were saying until I heard my eight year old yell, “Ready! Aim! Fire!” Glancing over my shoulder I saw all of the kids pointing their “finger pistols” out the window. Giving them a puzzled look, my eight year old said, “It’s okay Mom, we are protecting you from the imaginary coyotes.”

Well, that’s a relief! You can never be too careful when imaginary coyotes are around.