Baby calves are still arriving on the ranch. In addition to the early calvers we (inadvertently!) bought last fall, we also have a small group of older cows that have started calving.

These cows were grouped together as dry cows to go to market and then… a fence-jumping bull decided to visit them. Consequently, we now have a group of cows calving in January.

They require a little more care, because many of them are older cows. They are in a large pen right now, which makes it easier to move them to the barn if it starts storming or the wind is howling.

We can also keep a closer eye on their feed consumption while they are in the pen. Mama cows need a boost in their nutrition levels right before they calve and during the first couple of months after the calf is born. Increasing their feed helps the cows maintain their body condition.

Their menu consists of corn silage with chopped hay.




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