I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Did Santa arrive at your house? Although there were many discussions about the possibility of waking up to coal on Christmas morning, Santa is apparently a kind-hearted (and forgiving) soul. Toys were delivered and gifts unwrapped.

We ate cinnamon rolls and drank hot cider (kids) or coffee (me). Lounged around in comfy clothes for a couple of hours. Then we went back to work: Break ice for the cows and deliver a little protein block to the heifers.

My husband’s family is all here for Christmas this year and we have spent the past few days together. Yesterday we went sledding.

In Nevada.

The kids’ hopes for a white Christmas did not come to fruition. (My husband informed the kids that that simply proves he has more pull with Santa than they do.)

So, we bundled the kids, grabbed our sleds and set out in search of snow yesterday afternoon. After thirty minutes we found the perfect spot. After another thirty minutes of unloading and hauling our gear to the top of the sled hill, the kids climbed on their sleds and took off down the hill.

Only to land in the sagebrush barrier at the bottom.

For some of the little ones it was nearly a twenty minute hike from the bottom of the hill back to the top. But, they were still grinning when they climbed onto their sled for the next ride.


This is my favorite photo of the day. I love the orange baling twine on the handle. I love that my son has once again pulled off his mittens, despite my pleading to leave them on his cold little fingers. I love that my brother in law rode down the hill with my son and pulled him back up the hill on the sled.

The older cousins were not impressed with the tame hill that the parents and younger kids were conquering. They set off on their own, determined to find a steeper hill. I informed my boys that we were a long way from the hospital and I had no plans to drive to town today, so please don’t injure yourselves.

Amazingly, they listened!

We are off to enjoy another day of fun in the snow.

Merry Christmas to each of you!