Earlier this month, my husband spent a few days in Montana at a large cow sale. It is an annual sale and this year they sold 6500 head of bred cows in two days. Traditionally, the cows that come through this sale are good cows and this year was no exception. My husband bought two pens of bred heifers that we are quite excited about.

When my husband abandons me and the kids for several days, we often find ourselves roaming around missing Dad looking for something fun to do.




It’s always interesting what we come across that the kids want to play on.






Have I mentioned that we don’t have a lot of playground equipment in our back yard? Who needs it when we have old creep feeders to climb on and bulldozers to pretend to drive?



The heifers spent a few days in a pen at the feedlot while adjusting to life on our ranch. Although the kids and I missed him while he was gone, I admit he did buy some great heifers. They have been AI bred and I am excited to see their calves.

There is only one small catch with his recent purchase: the heifers are set to calve January 20th!

Needless to say, we are both hoping for a No-Snow-January.  (I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Santa will deliver the white Christmas the kids have been asking for!)