I have been missing from the blog world for most of the month of December.

Glancing at my calendar it doesn’t appear any more crammed with activities than it usually does. But somehow, the rush of Christmas approaching, last-day-of-school festivities, last minute gifts to make or buy and the annual baking/candy making that the holidays bring has overwhelmed me this year.

And the ranch. Calves to feed, protein block to haul out, ice to break, heifers to sort and bills to pay. Other than the bills, my husband and the cowboys tend to the other ranch chores. However, my three year old and I often tag along after tackling our own chore list.

It was a relief on Saturday when my husband requested assistance moving cows. Getting out of the house (thus abandoning my kitchen, cleaning, gift-wrapping, daily refereeing…) and working with the livestock is just what I needed. My husband ran horses into the corral and the kids spent a little time with their horses– scratching noses, patting necks and combing manes before climbing on and going to work. It was a great afternoon.

After looking at these pictures can you guess what my kids want for Christmas?


They are hoping to spend their Christmas vacation sledding and skiing with their cousins. (But don’t tell my husband! He is thoroughly enjoying a No-Snow December!)