While visiting with a friend the other day, I mentioned that our cows winter outside. She gave me a peculiar look and said, “What do you mean outside?”

Good question.

Our winter range is at a low elevation and doesn’t receive too much snow. The bulk of our cow herd spends the winter months on this range grazing on the available grass. We do not haul hay out to these cows.

We do, however, supplement them with protein. Cattle need protein in their diet mainly to feed the microbes in their rumen (stomach). The microbes break down and ferment the forage that cows eat daily.



We provide our cows with protein blocks and lick tubs to increase their protein consumption.

The molasses in these lick tubs have 30% crude protein and the cows love it.


When we unloaded these tubs the cows started trotting our way. They lined out and within a couple of minutes they were enjoying their molasses.




We also provide the cattle with salt blocks. Cattle need this trace mineral year round.



The best thing about always having salt blocks around? Convenient seating is always available.