When we went to bed last night it was a typical chilly November evening, but when we awoke it looked like Christmas!

The first words my boys said this morning: “Did they cancel school?”

They were crushed to learn that they would have to go to school instead of building snowmen in the backyard. After a frantic hunt for snow boots, gloves and hats, the kids climbed in the pick-up and we set off for school.

Very slowly and in four-wheel drive.


On the way to school we were reminded of another typical winter event around here. Rocks bouncing down the canyon walls and landing in the middle of the road.







Although the snow was unexpected, it was business as usual on the ranch. Cowboys spent the day feeding and checking on calves.




My husband hauled a load of protein block out to the cows on the desert.

And I was Mom. My daughter was home with a fever and by noon my three year old had a fever of his own. I spent most of the day holding my little ones, reading them stories and bringing them applesauce.


There is still a lot of snow on the ground, but the sun came out and we enjoyed blue sky for a while this afternoon. I am hopeful the kids will be on the mend tomorrow so we can get outside and back to our usual chores.

(And maybe build a snowman or two!)