The last couple of weeks have been spent receiving calves at the ranch. Calves that we have weaned from our own cows and heifers, plus calves that we have purchased.

When the calves arrive, they spend a few days quarantined at the feedlot. We like to give them a couple of days to adjust to a different feeding program and to make sure there isn’t any sickness among them. During this time we start all of them on our vaccination program. After they have adjusted, we move them out to pasture.

We run the calves in several different bunches, some are out on re-growth under the pivots and some are on crop aftermath. These smaller herds are rotated frequently from one field to the next and they all receive mineral supplement to meet their dietary needs. Each morning they are fed hay and a little grain, then are left to graze for the rest of the day. During feeding and again in the late afternoon, the cowboys check that all of the calves are healthy and eating.

These calves are en route to our neighbor’s field to graze corn stubble. We moved them first thing this morning, hoping to avoid too much traffic on the road. We still managed to cause a minor traffic jam for the hunters and silage trucks; fortunately they were all patient while we pushed calves through the gate.

It was a great way to start the day.