Did you notice the cool breeze yesterday morning? Not cold, just cool. Cool enough to grab a sweatshirt as we headed out the door to do chores. I mentioned to the kids how excited I was that fall had arrived.

My eight year old son patiently explained to me that it is still summer, because fall does not technically begin for another couple of weeks. He’s right, of course, but it’s still my favorite time of the year.

Regardless of what the calendar says, these cows know it is fall. They have been slowly working their way off the mountain for the past few days. Over the weekend, we brought them down the last few miles to the fall range.

The red cows happily lined out and trotted down the trail. This was a pleasant surprise! Typically, it takes a little work to convince them it’s time to move to new country.

Do you know what I have discovered since sending our three oldest children back to school last week? One child is amazingly portable!  So much less stuff! One water bottle, one snack, one extra jacket. I can grab my two year old son and within moments we are in the midst of ranch work.

Speaking of ranch work, the cowboys are pre-conditioning calves today and this little boy and I are going to help!