First day of school for this band of hooligans. First day of Kindergarten for the little girl in in pig tails with the backpack as big as she is.

First day I get to spend alone with this little guy.

He and I spent our first day on our own doing very important things. Things like test driving the tractor.

I had forgotten exactly how much two year old boys love to pretend to drive. Complete with sound effects and a running commentary of precisely which road we are on and what we are doing. I am always the passenger on these excursions. The passenger with the keys in her pocket, to insure that we don’t have a runaway.

We also checked on the steers. Obviously, they were excited to see us.

They lined out along the fence, each jockeying for position to eyeball their visitors. We were able to get a good look at the steers…until the boy sitting behind the wheel (pretending to drive yet another parked vehicle) discovered the horn. The steers scattered, I re-gained the driver’s seat and the two year old grinned proudly from the backseat. Never a dull moment with a two-year old around, is there? It’s going to be a fun year!